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Each diamond is unique and has its own internal and external characteristics.



The diamond weight is calculated in carats. There are 100 points in one carat. Carat is a standard metric weight which equals to 0.2 grams.

Approximate stone sizes in millimetres
Princess Emerald Marquise Oval Pear Heart
0.25ct 4.2 3.3sq L4 x W3 L5 x W3 L5 x W3 L4.5 x W2.5 3.9
0.30ct 4.4 3.5sq L4.5 x W3 L6 x W3 L5 x W3.25 L5 x W3 4.0
0.33ct 4.5 3.7sq L5 x W3 L6.5 x W3.5 L5 x W2.75 L5.25 x W3.25 4.5
0.40ct 4.8 3.9sq L5 x W4 L7 x W4 L5 x W4 L5.5 x W3.5 4.75
0.45ct 5.0 4.0sq L5.5 x W4 L7.5 x W4 L5.25 x W4.25 L5.75 x W3.75 4.8
0.50ct 5.2 4.2sq L6 x W3 L8 x W4 L5.5 x W4.5 L6 x W4 4.8
0.55ct 5.4 4.4sq L6 x W3.5 L8 x W4.5 L5.75 x W4.5 L6.25 x W4.25 4.95
0.60ct 5.5 4.5sq L6 x W4 L8.25 x W5.5 L6.25 x W4.5 L6.4 x W4.4 5.1
0.65ct 5.7 4.6sq L6.25 x W4 L8.5 x W6.5 L6.5 x W4.5 L6.6 x W6.6 5.25
0.70ct 5.8 4.75sq L6.25 x W4.25 L9 x W4 L6.75 x W4.75 L6.8 x W6.8 5.4
0.75ct 5.9 4.8sq L6.5 x W4.5 L9 x W4.5 L7 x W5 L7 x W5 5.6
0.80ct 6.1 4.85sq L6.75 x W4.5 L9 x W5 L7.1 x W5.1 L7.2 x W5 5.8
0.85ct 6.2 4.9sq L6.75 x W4.75 L9.25 x W5 L7.2 x W5.2 L7.4 x W5 5.9
0.90ct 6.3 5.0sq L6.85 x W4.85 L9.5 x W5 L7.3 x W5.3 L7.6 x W5 5.95
0.95ct 6.4 5.1sq L7 x W4.85 L9.75 x W5 L7.4 x W5.4 L7.8 x W5 6.0
1.00ct 6.5 5.25sq L7 x W5 L10 x W5 L7.5 x W5.5 L8 x W5 6.0
1.25ct 7.0 5.9sq L7.5 x W5.5 L10.5 x W5 L8 x W6 L8.5 x W5.5 6.5
1.50ct 7.5 6.0sq L8 x W6 L11 x W5 L8.5 x W6.5 L9 x W6 6.9
1.75ct 7.9 6.25sq L8.25 x W6.25 L11 x W5.5 L9 x W6 L9.5 x W6.5 7.3
2.00ct 8.2 6.5sq L8.5 x W6.5 L12 x W6 L9 x W7 L10 x W7 7.5
2.25ct 8.5 7.0sq L8.75 x W6.75 L12.5 x W6 L9.25 x W7.25 L11 x W7 7.9
2.50ct 8.9 7.5sq L9 x W7 L13 x W5.5 L9.5 x W7.5 L12 x W7 8.4
2.75ct 9.0 8.0sq L9.5 x W7.5 L13 x W6 L9.75 x W7.75 L12.25 x W7.5 8.6
3.00ct 9.4 8.25sq L10 x W8 L14 x W7 L10 x W8 L12.5 x W7.75 8.9
3.25ct 9.6 8.5sq L10.25 x W8.25 L14.5 x W7 L10 x W8.25 L12.75 x W8 9.1
3.50ct 9.9 8.75sq L10.5 x W8.5 L15 x W7 L10 x W8.5 L13 x W8.25 9.4
3.75ct 10.1 9.0sq L10.75 x W8.75 L15.5 x W8 L10.5 x W8.75 L13.25 x W8.75 9.6
4.00ct 10.4 9.25sq L11 x W9 L15.5 x W8.5 L11 x W9 L13.25 x W9 9.9


The cut is a combination of Shape and Proportions. The shape describes the general outline of the stone, for example round brilliant, princess cut, pear shape, oval etc... Good proportions give better light reflection in the diamond and thus contribute to its beauty.

Brilliant cut round diamonds Brilliant cut round - This is the most traditional and popular of all the diamond shapes. It has 58 facets and is cut to maximise the 'fire' and sparkle of the stone. This shape of diamond is most commonly found in solitaire.
Princess cut diamonds Princess cut - This shape has grown in popularity in recent years, providing an excellent alternative to the brilliant cut round diamond and, by having 76 facets, often displaying even more brilliance than its round counterpart. The princess cut diamond has pointed corners, and as it is traditionally square in shape, you need to be ensuring that the length to width ratio of the diamond is as close to 1.00:1.00 as possible, as princess cut diamonds can range from this perfect square through to almost rectangular, and decreasing in value the further you move away from the perfect square shape.
Emerald cut diamonds Emerald cut - The Emerald cut diamond is 'Step-cut' and has rows of facets, usually 48 to 50, that resemble a staircase. The look of an Emerald cut diamond is subtle and understated, with less ‘fire’ than a brilliant cut round diamond, but provides style and elegance. Due to its larger, more open table, this shape highlights the clarity of a diamond and so this is an important factor when looking to purchase this shape of diamond.
Marquise cut diamonds Marquise cut - This takes its name from a legend that the Sun King desired a stone to be polished into the shape of the mouth of the Marquise of Pompadour. It has a total of 56 facets.
Oval cut diamonds Oval cut - The oval cut diamond provides an excellent alternative to the brilliant cut round diamond, whilst displaying the same amount of brilliance through its 56 facets. Oval diamonds are also very popular as their length can accentuate long, slender fingers.
Pear cut diamonds Pear cut - Another alternative to the brilliant cut round diamond and contains a total of 58 facets. The pear cut diamond is often also called a teardrop due to its single point and rounded end. If you choose an elongated pear shaped diamond, the length of the diamond creates a subtle slimming effect on the finger.
Radiant cut diamonds Radiant cut - This is a straight-edged rectangular or square stone with cut corners. With a total of between 62-70 facets, the radiant cut can offer an excellent compromise between the rectangular shape of the Emerald cut and the square shape of a Princess cut, whilst having all the sparkle of a princess cut diamond.
Heart cut diamonds Heart cut - This ultimate symbol of romance is essentially a pear-shaped diamond with a cleft at the top.
Cut also refers to the proportions, symmetry and finish of a polished diamond. To get from the raw diamond to the cut gemstone requires the skilled hand of a master cutter. The better the CUT proportions, the better the diamond handles light to create sparkle.

Therefore CUT is the single most important factor affecting a diamond's sparkle, brilliance and visual fire as illustrated with the following diagrams for a round brilliant-cut stone: A well-cut diamond reflects maximum light and so sparkles the best. Shallow-cut and deep-cut diamonds let the light escape at the sides or bottom.

Well CutShallow CutDeep Cut


Almost every diamond has unique nature fingerprint. These fingerprints are called inclusions. The clarity reflects how "pure" the stone is.

The clearer the diamond, the greater its brilliance, and the greater its value. Most diamonds have blemishes, called 'inclusions' which are nature's birthmark of the stone. These can be tiny traces of carbon (black spots), air pockets (white spots) or other naturally occurring phenomena. Diamond clarity ranges from diamonds without any flaws (internally flawless) to those that have visible inclusions.


The color scale goes from D to Z (no diamond of color A, B or C has ever been found), with D being the most white and Z being the most yellow. The most valuable diamonds are colorless. They allow most light to pass through the stone and create the most brilliance. However, very few diamonds are colorless, so most diamonds will have some yellow in them - the less yellow the better.


A diamond Certificate from IDL means your diamond has been subjected to highly scientific evaluation by a distinguished team of gemologists using State-of-the-Art instrumentation to assure you the most accurate assessment of the diamond you are buying. Our laboratory environment and grading process is virtually impossible to duplicate anywhere else.

Metal Purity

Current hallmarking requirements come under the UK Hallmarking Act 1973. Please check the Common Control Marks

Metal US Hallmark UK Hallmark Purity
Silver 925 925 92.5%
Gold 9k 375 37.5%
Gold 14k 585 58.5%
Gold 18k 750 75.0%
Gold 22k 916 91.6%
Platinum 950 950 95.0%

Ring Sizes

Chance Diamonds factory can produce at nearly any size required. This table shows the universal conversions

UK European USA (mm)
G 46 3.5 14.4
H 47 4 14.7
I 48 4.5 15.2
J 49 5 15.5
K 50 5.5 15.9
L 51 6 16.3
M 52 6.5 16.6
N 54 7 17.2
O 55 7.5 17.5
P 56 8 17.8
Q 58 8.5 18.3
R 59 9 18.6
S 60 9.5 19.1
T 62 10 19.5
U 63 10.5 19.9
V 64 11 20.3
W 65 11.5 20.7
X 66 12 21.2
Y 68 12.5 21.5
Z 69 13 21.9

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